#12: Path to a Pure Democracy

With Congress working against the White House and the will of the American voter, and the nation on the verge of civil war, are we witnessing the disintegration of representative democracy? Elon Musk recently said that the ideal form of government for a colony on Mars would be Direct Democracy. We discuss how it’s time our politics caught up with our technological age.



#11 Trump: First 122 Days

We discuss the first 122 days of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, including his recent first international tour to the Middle East and Europe, deep state, and fake news stories.


  • Is wall going to be built? Who will pay?
  • Triumphant international trip
  • Kathy Griffin beheading picture
  • covfefe
  • Mobile devices, where people get most of their news, are filtered by the tech left
  • Deep state coming after Trump hard
  • Russia “scandal”
  • Calls for impeachment
  • Trump’s tweets
  • Obamacare repeal
  • War on terror

#10 Flat Earth

Chad, Kevin, and MJ x-ray the growing online community of flat earthers.


  • We live in a snow globe
  • Mark Sargent
  • Bible references to flat earth (Job 38:4, 38:14, 37:18, Psalm 19:1)
  • Like a ring pressed into wax like seal
  • Firmament to separate the waters
  • Are we Atlantis? Did we lose Atlantis by embracing globe earth?
  • Religion of the globe
  • Roman origins of Christianity
  • High altitude nuclear tests in 1958: Operation fishbowl firmament. bombed dome to test size and strength. Operation Dominic 1962 = largest upper atmosphere nuclear test ever
  • Yin yang sun moon
  • Coriolis effect (horizon drop)
  • Global warming is the new hell
  • Satellite signals are bounced off the dome
  • Dome is unbreakable shield
  • Werner von Braun NASA’s first rocket man
  • Parsons, Von Braun, Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard, Disney all helped create the “religion” known as NASA
  • Highly angled, Cathedral light shafts coming through clouds
  • Moon landings faked
  • No GPS over oceans
  • Space tourists around moon next year
  • Space program is a way to lure people into VR pods for the rest of their lives

So what do you think? Could there be truth to the Flat Earth paradigm? Comment below.

#9 The Canada Question

Can America still trust its Northern neighbor? Is Canada’s leader converting his country into an Islamic state? In this episode, we discuss post nationalism, refugee resettlement, the Trudeau / Soros connection, and the threat of Canada being weaponized against the United States of America.


  • Post-nationalism
  • Refugee resettlement
  • Trudeau / Soros connection
  • Refugees being settled on Military bases
  • Citizens are collateral
  • Is Canada even a sovereign nation
  • China not taking refugees
  • Canada part of the American Empire
  • Canada being weaponized against USA
  • Canadian immigrants don’t assimilate, they create enclaves
  • After 1812, Canada left with worst real estate in N.A.
  • Canada’s energy resources fall into wrong hands
  • Alan Cabal defines Canada
  • Canada legalizing marijuana
  • Canada lacks economy of scale
  • Canadian bureaucracy

#6 End of the World

Chad, Kevin, and MJ discuss the end of the world as we know it including the doomsday clock, war, Andrew Jackson, Obamacare, and the environment.